Kanye West Doesn’t Want His Daughter On Tik Tok, Should Her Mother Respect His Wishes!?

Kanye West is once again lashing out on social media at his soon-to-be ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. The rapper, 44, continued his war of words with Kardashian, posting a text exchange he claimed to have with his ex’s cousin. West has repeatedly claimed that Kardashian has prohibited him from seeing the couple’s four children. On Sunday, West posted a screenshot of a text message that reads “Send me Kim’s number.” However, it received no response. In the caption, West elaborated on the situation, claiming that Kardashian had accused him of trying to have her killed. “Yesterday Kim accused me of putting a hit out on her,” West captioned the post. “So let me get this straight. I beg to go to my daughter’s party and I’m accused of being on drugs, then I go play with my son and I take my Akira graphic novels and I’m accused of stealing. Now I’m being accused of putting a hit on her. These ideas can actually get someone locked up. They play like that with Black men’s lives, whether it’s getting them free or getting them locked up. I’m not playing about my Black children anymore.”