The remaining defendants in the $680,000 Nike sample theft ring, Tung Wing Ho and Jason Keating, plead guilty to their charges faced in a federal criminal trial this week.

The Portland Business Journal reports that both defendants plead guilty to the charge of conspiracy to transport, receive and sell stolen goods. Other charges stemming from the case have since been dropped by the government.

Ho and Keating were part of a ring that orchestrated the theft and sale of rare promo samples of Nike shoes. As a Nike employee, Ho was able to order the sneakers, which Keating would eventually sell. The government seized $206,000 in cash and a Mercedes SUV, both related to the lucrative sneaker sales, from Keating.

Their codefendant Kyle Yamaguchi plead guilty to his charges in federal court last week.

The government has recommended a sentence of one year and one day for Ho and Keating.

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