In 1917 a white mob killed a recorded number of 250-700 black people in East St. Louis. Black men, women, and children where murdered even black babies where thrown into fire…..THIS IS THE BIGGEST MASSACRE IN AMERICAN HISTORY

East St. Louis Race Riot
July 2nd, 1917

In early 1917, 470 African American workers were hired to replace white workers who had gone on strike against the Aluminum Ore Company.

Angered by the migration of African Americans, the white workers gathered to file a complaint against them.

Later that day, a white man had been robbed by a black man, causing the white citizens of East St. Louis to rampage the town, beating all African Americans in sight.

The national guard was brought in and the mobs dispersed. But this was only the beginning to the discrimination and violence.

“Men, women and children were beaten and shot to death.”

Mobs set fire to homes of black residents, leaving them to burn alive in their homes, or run into the street to be met by gunfire.

Across the city, African Americans were hung, with the view of the burning city behind them.

Today, people of color still face racism and stereotypes. Although discrimination against African Americans has changed, it is still around.

“Today we are told that every American has civil liberties but those who are meant to protect these rights for citizens … are the ones who are denying them to black men in the full glare of the public.”
– Stan Chu Ilo

“Racism is a learned behavior; just like terrorism or hatred and other inhuman vices which hold the world in perpetual bondage. No one is born with a terrorism or racist attitude or disposition”
– Stan Chu Ilo