While 50 Cent​, and in particular his Instagram, was a hot topic over the weekend because of his beef with Meek Mill, it looks like the rapper might have another issue to deal with. Before the shots toward Meek even started, 50 decided to stunt with picture of a bunch of buckets of money with the caption, “Buckets of Love ??no big deal this short paper. Lol.”

This kind of post is nothing out of the ordinary for 50, but from the looks of some info gathered in a forum post on KTT, the picture posted by 50 was actually not his. It looks like the photo originated from a news story in 2010 when cops seized a bunch of cash during a traffic stop in Maine. Like we said, posting money on Instagram is nothing new for 50, so there’s a good chance that he just liked the picture and wanted to post it. Unfortunately for 50, that probably won’t stop people from trolling him about it.

50 Cent Exposed On Instagram For Posting Someone Else’s Money!