Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is claiming he was not responsible for leaking a sex tape in 2009 featuring the mother of Rick Ross’ child. With a new lawsuit against Ross, he states, it was actually the Maybach Music boss who leaked it himself.

The beef between the two rappers spans back more than five years, but culminated with the online release of a homemade video starring Ross’ ex Lastonia Leviston engaged in intercourse with another man, who’s face was blurred out. In a 2010 suit, Leviston sued 50 Cent for allegedly unlawfully distributing the video after editing himself into it as a wig-wearing narrator.

But in a lawsuit filed Thursday, 50 Cent is telling a different story that could protect him if found guilty in the Leviston case. He says he’s not responsible for the video and wants Ross [real name William Roberts II] to pay for his potential losses.

50 Cent is claiming he only linked to the video and cites a radio interview with Ross and the Washington D.C. radio show Live in the Den in which Ross said he would put a video with 50 Cent in a sex tape online, Courthouse News Service reports. The next day, the video appeared on ThisIsSabrinasSin.ning.com — a website that the complaint alleges Ross owns, according to an YouTube video posted March 8, 2009.

50 Cent claims that he “does not own or control the website ThisIsSabrinasSin.ning.com in any way,” and said, “Ross or someone under Ross’ control was the first person to publish the video online.”

The complaint continues, “Jackson did not publish the video online, but instead put an embedded link on boobootv.com to the Video that was posted on ThisIsSabrinasSin.ning.com.”

As 50 Cent continues to deny liability in the case against Levinston, he is now asserting that if he is held liable he is entitled to “contribution for Ross’ actions contributing to the loss alleged in the original complaint.”

“If Leviston should recover against Jackson for the allegations stated in her complaint, said damages will have been caused and brought about by reason of the wrongful actions of Ross.”