50 Cent Testifies That He Only Gets 10 Cent A Record Sale

You might not know it from all that cash he splashes across social media, but it looks like 50 Cent’s fortune, while still vast, is a fraction of what it was at its peak.

The “In Da Club” rapper claims, according to bankruptcy documents obtained by TMZ, that his bank holdings come to $7.4 million, while his real estate portfolio is valued at $8.8 million. Combined, his total assets push past $16 million. Obviously, that’s still a lot of money by just about any measure, but it’s a far cry from the $155 million Forbes estimated his net worth to be last year.

And the pressure only seems to be mounting.

Earlier this month, the woman who won $7 million from a sex-tape dispute joined partners in a failed headphone deal to ramp up efforts at getting their money. The unpaid groups, The Wall Street Journal reported, asked a judge to put a lawyer in charge of the 40-year-old entertainer’s business affairs and give him power to pay off the debts by selling his properties.

(Via TMZ)