stabbed boyfriend

stabbed boyfriend

Woman stabbed boyfriend to death after he pulled her hair: prosecutors

A Back of the Yards woman stabbed her boyfriend to death on the Far South Side over the weekend after he pulled her hair during a fight and he asked her to make up with him and give him a kiss, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Vanessa Sanders, 38, was ordered held in lieu of $500,000 bail on a first-degree murder charge in Cook County Bond Court before Judge Laura Sullivan. Sanders is accused of killing her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Antone Sims, 28, late Saturday, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Sanders stabbed Sims to death at an apartment in the 11500 block of South Perry Avenue, police said at the time.

Sims, of the 100 block of West Devoe Drive in Oswego, was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center and pronounced dead at 12:17 a.m. Sunday, according to the medical examiner’s office. An autopsy Sunday determined Sims died of stab and multiple incise wounds, and his death was ruled a homicide.

There were six small children at the apartment when the fight took place, but they weren’t in the room at the time, prosecutors said.

Another person at the scene recorded cellphone video of part of the fight. In the video, Sanders can be heard saying, “He pulled my (expletive) hair! I swear to God I’ll kill the (expletive)! I swear for all living God I’m killing that (expletive).”

Sims tried to calm her down, asking her to go with him for a walk and asking for a kiss, prosecutors said. Sanders said she didn’t want a kiss, and Sims walked away, tripping and falling as he did.

Sims sat down, his back against a wall, and Sanders stood over him and stabbed him in the center of the chest with a knife, prosecutors said.

Sims tried to defend himself by blocking the knife as Sanders continued to stab and cut Sims while yelling at him, but he slumped over and began to have trouble breathing, prosecutors said. One other person was in the room when the stabbing took place, and another came in afterward, saw Sims, called 911 and began giving him CPR.

Sanders fled, and Sims was taken to Christ Medical Center, where he died. The autopsy report indicates he had abrasions on his hand and small cuts on his scalp, consistent with his trying to defend himself, prosecutors said.

Residents of the apartment told police that one of their kitchen knives was missing, and no knife was found at the scene, prosecutors said.

Sanders, of the 5000 block of South Winchester Avenue in the city’s Back of the Yards neighborhood, turned herself in to police Sunday, prosecutors said.