It’s the biggest gang bust in the history of the Bronx. On Thursday, the NYPD and Bronx District Attorney announced the indictment of 84 gang members involved in more than 20 shootings around the borough.

Police say they’ve been putting together a complicated puzzle of clues for the last 18 months that lead to Thursday’s announcement. The first of those pieces found the 44th precinct in the Bronx. When they put the whole puzzle together they found four gangs working together to sell drugs in New England and bring guns to New York.

“I pledge to bring justice to those that bring guns, drugs, and violence into our communities. And I will continue to eliminate gangs like these who would destroy the fabric of the Bronx,” said Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark.

Clark says the four gangs “formed an alliance of evil” and were using New York as a drug warehouse since 2011: running cocaine and heroine to New England where they sold the drugs for quadruple the street value here in New York or traded them for guns.

“It’s ironic that some of these characters chose the name Eden Boys for themselves because while they were a long way from paradise their actions were certainly forbidden, said Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

At least three innocent bystanders were shot by one of the illegal guns that the gangs brought back to New York.

Overall, those indicted are believed to be connected to 22 shootings throughout the borough.

The NYPD worked with local law enforcement in New England and used social media to track down the gang members. Investigators say the crew even posted pictures of their spoils online.

“The case began as many cases do: with tiny pieces of the puzzle and awareness of a few players who in drawing attention to themselves caused us to look deeper,” said Bratton.

During the investigation Police recovered 15 guns, more than $250,000, and almost 900 grams of crack cocaine.

Wednesday police arrested more than 30 of the members charged in the indictment. Dozens are already in jail on related charges and 16 people are still on the lose. At this point the investigation is ongoing.