The highly-anticipated, long-awaited G. Snyder single produced by Grammy-Nominated producer Fantom, drops on March 21, 2017.

Fantom, a.k.a. Haas G of the UMCs, is the CEO of the esteemed production unit, Fantom of the Beat. “Magic Stick” by Lil’ Kim ft. 50 Cent achieved RIAA Certified Platinum Status. “Take It Off”, on the “E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front” album by Busta Rhymes went Platinum, while Ghostface Killa’s, “Apollo Kids” went Gold.

It is known that Hip-Hop music is in desperate need of an organic infusion, which will indeed bring it back to its original state. The first single from the upcoming album, Fantom of the Beat presents Audiodrome is “First Time Ever”. This track conveys a dope, intricate mix which spills over into a hard-core track boasting a sound that every Hip-Hop fan has anxiously been waiting for. Fantom comes in and recruits a proven, raw talent of seasoned rappers, G. Snyder and AB Money. This mix sets off a firestorm flow that only the best have been able to achieve. This throbbing, head-bop track does not disappoint!

G. Snyder, a Brooklyn-native, laced many underground and mainstream tracks with his gift of rhyme. Tracks like, “What Hip-Hop Is Missing”, “As Real As It Gets” and “Slow Down” are all familiar to the avid Rhyme connoisseur. G. Snyder does not fail on this believable track, which many would say is reminiscent of fellow Rapper, 50 Cent.

AB Money (formerly of the Rap Group, RIF (Rappin’ Is Fundamental), collaborates his skills which is laced throughout the track. His flow is fluid, and hard to resist. AB Money’s tracks, “Money Over Everything”, “Too Young” ft. Big Bub, (from the R&B group Today), and “Money Trap” are still being played in the Underground Rap Arena. Together, with the mega-talented production skills of Fantom, this single is a bona fide winner! Fantom assures that, “This record promises to help bring Hip-Hop Music back to where it belongs, on TOP!!!”

As an extra added bonus, the “B Side” is just as dope! Chedda Bang gives the single “Tuff Guys” a solid stamp, infused with flavor from his birth borough of Staten Island. It bangs with a flow that could have easily made this a “Double”A” Side” record. Chedda Bang brings his New York gift of rhyme and swag, and delivers a track that is sure to be a favorite in the heavy arsenal of production forthcoming out of the Fantom of the Beat camp.

Stay tuned as Fantom of the Beat unleashes Fantom of the Beat presents Audiodrome.

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