Adrien Broner says he hasn’t been able to get Floyd Mayweather on the phone, so he has to take to social media to respond to Floyd’s criticism.

Well, we all should have known it was only going to be a matter of time before Adrien Broner was to respond to Floyd Mayweather’s harsh criticism, and boy oh boy, he didn’t disappoint. Broner clearly took offense to Floyd essentially saying that Broner shouldn’t even be proud of his most recent world title and now Broner comes back guns blazing.

Broner began by stating that he’s been trying to reach out to Floyd in order to talk things out privately, but with Floyd going incommunicado on Broner, he’s been forced to take his ranting to social media. Broner suggests it’s hypocritical for Floyd to take aim at the circumstances under which Broner recently won a world title in his fourth weight class when Floyd himself told Broner that he should be taking the biggest rewards for the least risk. Then Broner goes on to question Floyd’s logic of saying that if he disrespects Floyd, that’s really like disrespecting Al Haymon.

Adrien Broner Goes In On Floyd Mayweather