Allen Iverson and rapper Jadakiss have been forever linked since those famous Reebok Answer commercials (hyping the A5 and A6, remember?) during the height of AI’s NBA appeal.

Last Friday in Philadelphia, the two were once again in the same room, this time for the Mitchell & Ness Block Party, along with other celebs like Larry Hughes and Fabolous.

AI and ‘Kiss sat down for a brief interview before heading out to mingle with fans, and while they discussed hoops, rap and their most recent Reebok sneaker collaboration, the most interesting snippet from their sitdown comes right off top, when Jada asks Allen to name his top 5 NBA players.

Iverson starts with, “Mike, Shaq, Kobe, LeBron…” before struggling to come up with a fifth name. Eventually, ‘Kiss bails him out by asking him to simply name the current NBA players he enjoys watching—a list that includes, in Iverson’s words, “Steph, Westbrook, Kyrie, Durant, Melo, that list goes on and on.”

(It’s not the first time AI has heaped praise on guys like Kyrie, Curry and Westbrook.)

Next, the attention turns to Iverson’s top 5 rappers. And again, he names four MCs right away. “You [Jada], B.I.G., Redman, ‘Pac…,” he says, before following with a similarly long list of candidates for spot No. 5: “Nas, Jay-Z, 3000, T.I.P., Jeezy, Em, that list can go on for days, man.”