Alpo Got Hit Up And Didn’t Make It Last Night In Harlem! (OWKJ) Ep.62

Details of Alberto “Alpo” Martinez’s frantic final moments are coming into focus — as the investigation continues into the drug kingpin’s drive-by shooting death. The notorious drug dealer, who was shot five times and killed early Sunday in Harlem, was throwing baggies of drugs out his truck’s window as he tried to drive away from the scene, a police source said Monday.

About a dozen of the baggies were found on the street spaced a few feet apart near West 147th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard after Martinez was shot in his 2017 Dodge Ram, the source said. The source said it looks like he was “throwing them out the window” because he knew police would be arriving. Martinez, who had been in a federal witness protection program, apparently wanted to evade capture, the source said.

A video of the crime scene watched by a reporter depicts baggies that contain a brown substance strewn on the street. The drug appeared to be heroin, the source said. He was rushed to Harlem Hospital following the shooting but couldn’t be saved.