PROVIDENCE, RI – We don’t always get what we want for Christmas but one Rhode Island didn’t even get what he ordered.

He’s putting Amazon on the naughty list for a good reason.

Alex Bai told WJAR he ordered some toys from the online retailer, and he got toys, just not the kind he was expecting.

He said he purchased two wood-burning stoves for his 11-year-old daughter and her friend.

The delivery came and the labels on the boxes matched what he ordered.

But when he opened the packages he was met with sex toys not real toys.

Bai said Amazon offered him a refund and a $10 credit but that was several days after he complained to the company.

“So I don’t feel they are treating this seriously,” Bai said. “They didn’t realize how potentially damaging or embarrassing for a customer it can be. They didn’t realize what could happen if I just, without checking, gave this to a preteen girl.”