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Another Teacher Convicted for Running a Baby Fight Club

baby fight club

baby fight club

A Virginia daycare teacher accused of turning her classroom of 2-year-olds into a “baby fight club” was knocked out by a jury on Thursday.

Kierra Spriggs was convicted of child cruelty and other abusive behavior charges after a two-week trial in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.

She was found guilty of four felony counts of child cruelty and two misdemeanor counts of assault and battery, according to NBC Washington. She could get up to five years in prison on each of the felony count convictions and a year for each misdemeanor count.

Spriggs, who was acquitted of 14 other charges, is the second teacher from the Minnieland Academy at The Glen facing serious jail time for pitting toddlers against each other in fights for their amusement.

In January, Sarah Jordan was found guilty on similar charges and could get up to 41 years behind bars when she is sentenced in May.

Spriggs, 26, and Jordan, 31, were arrested in November 2013 after the state’s Child Protective Services and police began investigating reports of abuse at the day care center in Woodbridge, Virginia.

At trial, witnesses described how Spriggs forced twin sisters to fight each other. They said Spriggs regularly mistreated the kids by stomping on bares toes, dunking them in cold water, and throwing them on cots.

They described how the apparently twisted teachers would feed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to the toddler and then laugh when they recoiled from the spiciness.

Earlier, parents of children at the center reported that their kids began behaving differently during the period of time when the worse abuse happened.

Shanna Greisen said she pulled her 21-month-old son out of Minnieland because dreaded going to daycare.

“He would just cry,” she told NBC Washington. “He would throw himself on the floor, you know. Just, ‘No mommy, no mommy.'”

During Jordan’s trial, prosecutor Ashleigh Landers called the class a “baby fight club” for the teachers’ amusement, according to NBC Washington.