When A$AP Rocky and his creative team AWGE unleashed over 100 images on Instagram as part of what was dubbed a “digital [art] installation,” many people saw it as an intrusion. A majority of Rocky’s images were simply colored or blank frames interspersed with images of the rapper or works from notable artists, like Daniel Ashram, and the stunt allegedly caused followers to leave in bunches. Many outlets reported that Rocky lost 100,000 followers, but the rapper set the record straight and hit back at critics during an interview with The Guardian.

“I got them right back,” he tells The Guardian. “Why don’t they tell that story? Why don’t they tell how I got more [followers] than I lost? Why don’t they tell how much I inspire people? Tell them people suck my dick. Please be sure to put that in there. Quote me.”

AWGE has also had a hand in creating Rocky’s video for “L$D” as well as an upcoming short film the rapper is working on that stars Skepta, Rick Owens’ wife Michele Lamy, Piff Gang, and Dangermouse. Lamy recently talked about playing Rocky’s mother in a video, might this be the same project?

You can read the whole profile here.

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