Beat Author is more than just your typical $10.00 leasing beat site. Beat Author is also quite possibly the most reliable place to find creative beats on the net. It is rumored that the founders Brian Cohen and Cristofer Arthur started working on beats at the tender age of 2 with pots and pans in the kitchen. 

Cristofer secretly started piano lessons at the age of seven. He later picked up learning the trumpet in school and continued to play throughout college. Brian continued his fascination with music by A&R for 4 years and producing for passionate local artist. Today Brian & Cristofer are Studio rats cooking up the sickest beats to share with the world. Their phone lines and emails stay off the hook for the demand of their hits. Their arsenal currently includes a triton, Logic, Protools, Abeleton Live, Microkorg, Novation Bass Station, M-Audio axiom air 25, and whatever else is around for inspiration to create their music. 

Beat Author dreams of bringing back the creativity and intensity back to Beats. Brian & Cristofer will not rest till Beat Author is a household name for Artist. In the meantime, they will continue to bring back those nasty mean mugs to your face when you hear the Beat Drop. 

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