A Texas woman was left devastated after she alleges medical staff made hurtful statements about her while she was undergoing surgery in their care.
Fox 26 reports Ethel Easter didn’t have a good relationship with her doctors after she says they were rude to her while trying to get timely care for her diagnosed hernia. She told the news station her uneasy feelings prompted her to tape record her surgery.
“This is my natural hair I had a weave at the time which is braid extensions and when I put my hair up I put the recorder right in my hair,” Easter said.
The doctors and medical staff had no idea she was recording while she was sedated on the operating table and Easter was shocked when she woke up and listened to the tape.
“She’s a handful she had some choice words for us in the clinic when we didn’t book her case in two weeks,” one surgeon can be heard saying on the audio file.
Next, an OR nurse poked fun at Easter’s body saying, “Did you see her belly button?” female voice can be heard saying on the tape, followed by laughter.
“Precious meet Precious,” another OR staff member can he heard saying.
“It was ‘Precious meet Precious,’ as though I was this big fat black woman,” Easter said to the news station.
According to Easter, the hurtful comments continued with staff referring to her as “always the queen” and the surgeon saying he “feels sorry” for her husband.
A representative for Harris Health System declined to give a comment to Fox 26, citing patient confidentially laws prevented them from discussing the claims.
In a letter sent to Easter, Harris Health System told her they have used her experience as an opportunity to remind the operating room staff and physicians to be mindful of their comments at all times.