Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel had the New York rap scene in the palm of their hands in 2014 after their respective breakout singles “Hot Nigga” and “Computers.” But it all came crashing down when the Brooklyn rappers, along with other members of the GS9 crew, caught conspiracy, gun, and drug charges later that year. With bail set at $2 million, and the rappers’ label home Epic unwilling to cut the check, it looked like the GS9 leaders’ lives were over. However, last week they both took a plea deal, which will allow them to serve only seven years, including time served. With two years already under their belts, that leaves them with a maximum of five years left in prison, and the possibility of less with good behavior.

For the first time since taking the deal, Bobby, 22, and Rowdy, 24, hopped on the phone with Complex to talk about their spirits, the plea deal, and their plans for the future.