Being walked out in handcuffs, Bobby Shmurda appeared emotionless entering the Manhattan Supreme Criminal Court in New York City on Thursday.

With a plethora of family, friends and GS9 affiliates all in attendance, the “Hot N***a” rapper moved swiftly to the stand awaiting the hearing’s word, while his lawyer Kenneth Montgomery stood tall and seemingly confident beside him.

Prosecutors announced that they were offering him a plea deal of eight years in prison for second-degree possession of a weapon followed by five years of probation. As the announcement was made, the rapper’s family appeared to be distraught. If convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison.

Montgomery informed reporters that he has to talk to his client about whether he would accept the deal, but “maintained his innocence.” He added that the two still need to “sit down and have a meaningful conversation.”

Prosecutors backed up their seemingly harsh plea deal by informing the judge that Bobby had been re-arrested while in Rikers Island for possession of a sharpened metal object.

Shmurda’s trial date has been set for Oct. 5. The judge made it clear that this would be a long-winded trial, one expected to span over two months.