I met up with the lawyer for Bobby Shmurda, Kenneth Montgomery. He gave me an update on Bobby Shmurda’s case, his bail status and cleared up some of the rumors of Bobby Shmurda’s condition in jail! Shout out to all the rappers that yell, ‘free GS9’ but never actually offered to help free Bobby Shmurda. That’s hip-hop for you!

Kenneth Montgomery, the lawyer who represents Bobby Shmurda, does not deny that his client was involved in a brawl while behind bars.

He also says that being imprisoned has worn on Shmurda.

“The toll that it takes on you mentally, physically, intellectually, spiritually so what I say to people also is, you gotta survive in jail,” Montgomery says to Doggie Diamonds. “I’m not in there doing that time with him but he is a survivor and he understand where he is at. It’s unfortunate but he is a fighter and I don’t mean a physical fighter. I’m talking ’bout he has a fighting spirit and he’s doing his best as he possibly can.”


Bobby Shmurda’s Lawyer (Kenneth Montgomery) Gives An Update On Bobby Shmurda’s Case