This book is entitled, “An Afrikan-Centered Response to the LGBTQIA Organizations and Their Agenda: The Conversation no one wants to have”, by Olatunji Mwamba.
This book addresses the LGBTQ organized organizations and their agenda. This book clearly and plainly defines and confirms the following: Is there an agenda?. What is the agenda? Who’s behind it? The terms involved. Who created them? The culture of origin of this practiced lifestyle & behavior. Is it Afrikan in origin? Who the designated role Black people? This book also provides solutions on how to navigate within this social construct and paradigm. How this affects the Black family, and what it means to be Afrikan-Centered? 

This Book provides documented research from the various Medical, and Psychiatric scientific research studies and documents, such as “The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (the DSM-5), the NIH, CDC, AMA, the correct Etymological, Linguistic, and Historical definitions of the many terms they use, quotes from some of the most powerful LGBTQIA Organizations about their stated Agenda. It contains over 12 years of dedicated research and so much more. This book should be in every Black household and be in every Black library. This book is a monumental effort that can only be fully appreciated once it has been read by the reader.