A group of budding Bronx gangsters, including an alleged ringleader who goes by “Sal Capone,” used Facebook to plot attacks against rivals and trade firearms, prosecutors charged in a whopping 57-count indictment unsealed Wednesday.

Fifteen members of the “Lyman Place Bosses” were indicted in Bronx Supreme Court on charges including attempted murder, assault and weapons possession.

Those charged include 23-year-old Saliym Gresham, who prosecutors said used the Facebook alias “Sal Capone” to order underlings to stack up on weapons for revenge attacks.

“He repeatedly made orders to attack other gang members,” said prosecutor Christina Nowak.

Gresham was only charged with fourth-degree conspiracy, a non-violent felony.

But he has a place “high up in the hierarchy” of a gang called the Young Bosses, which oversees the Lyman Place gang and has spread across the country, Nowak added as she convinced a judge to set bail at $100,000.

Other gang members used social media to trade cellphones for guns, the indictment claims.

“Lyman” members are also responsible for punching a Prospect Ave. bodega owner in the face during a St. Patrick’s Day robbery, prosecutors said.

Five alleged gangsters named in the indictment pleaded not guilty on Wednesday afternoon, after being hauled into the 42nd Precinct station house early in the morning. The others are expected to appear in court on Thursday.

Eleven other alleged hoodlums were hauled in on a slew of charges in a separate indictment last December.