NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Bronx landlord accused of killing a tenant in an an alleged dispute over unpaid rent is expected to face a judge on Thursday.

Taha Mahran, 51, is charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon in the death of his tenant, 44-year-old Zakir Khan.

Police said Khan had not paid Mahran rent for months. Around 7 p.m . Wednesday, they said Mahran attacked him outside of the two family home on Logan Avenue where both men lived, lunging at Khan with a knife.

According to Khan’s brother, the attack happened right in front of Khan’s young son.

“His son was outside of the house and he saw the man,” Sabur Khan told CBS2’s Janelle Burrell.

Khan’s relatives are trying to make sense of his death.

“I don’t know anything,” the victim’s cousin, Ahbab Chowdhery, said. “We are very shocked. Our people, our community is very shocked. Can’t believe he is no longer with us.”

While Khan’s family and friends describe the father of three as a wonderful dad and husband, some neighbors paint another picture.

“He just weaseled him out of the apartment,” neighbor Felipe Rivera said.

They say Khan, a real estate broker, had promised to help Mahran sell his house but they say instead, he moved his own family in.

“He didn’t pay rent or anything,” Rivera said.

Friends say Khan, a prominent figure in the Bronx Bangladeshi community, lost his company a few years ago. For the last several months, Mahran had tried to evict him, Burrell reported.

“He was very stressed out about it and didn’t know what else to do,” said another neighbor, Leana Llanas.

They say Mahran had become even more frustrated in recent weeks.

“He has to call the cops all the time because wants them out and these people they don’t want to leave,” she said.

When police arrived, they found Khan unconscious. He later died at the hospital.

Police say after stabbing Khan, Mahran dumped a kitchen knife into a sewage drain outside his home, Burrell reported. Investigators say Mahran then walked to a nearby precinct station house covered in blood and turned himself in.

“It had to be a crime of passion,” Rivera said. “This is the game he played on him and he lost. Terrible.”

“He just had it,” said Llanas. “I think he just reached that breaking point. It’s so sad. Really, really sad.”

Mahran is scheduled to be arraigned sometime Thursday.