When bullets started flying in the Bronx, instead of running for cover, a man stepped in front of a teen to save her. Now he’s in critical condition.

George Smith has had four major operations this week and is fighting for his life.

“When I first came to visit him they told me he had a 50-60% chance of dying. His chance of dying was greater than his chance of living,” said Marabel Smith, the victim’s wife.

With news like this, there’s no time for Marabel to freak out or lose it. She has to keep it together for her husband, George.

“I’ve been here every day, morning, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I want to make sure he’s comfortable,” Smith said.

The 41-year-old took two bullets Monday night at the corner of Brooke Avenue and East 168th in the East Concourse section of the Bronx.

“The bullets pierced through the right side. He was shot in his intestines, blew out his intestines, and came out through the left,” Smith said.

“Me seeing him from afar, he’s not the kind of guy to get involved, so he had nothing to do with it,” said Luis Lugo, a neighbor.

He isn’t. Witnesses say there was a group of teenage girls fighting on the block. About five minutes later, shots rang out.

Sources say Smith stepped in front of one of the girls to protect her.

“It didn’t surprise me at all for him to go and put his life on the line for someone. And for them not to say anything is just distressing,” Smith said.

It was a heroic act, especially since the Louisiana native was recently injured on the job and had major back surgery.

Now his wife only prays someone will reciprocate the good deed.

“So I’m asking that person to come forward and tell the cops what transpired so the perpetrator can be brought to justice,” Smith said.