Car Thieves Record Selfie Video With Victim’s Cellphone

Memphis police are looking for two men they say stole a car from a gas station and then recorded video of themselves with the victim’s iPhone.

Victim Joyce Grady says she is in shock, not just because the men stole the car or because they are recorded themselves singing after they swiped it, but because she does not own the luxury BMW. It’s her boss’ car.

Memphis police say the video shows the suspects riding around in the car they stole from the Marathon gas station on S. Mendenhall Rd. last Wednesday. Police also say they recorded their getaway with an iPhone that was left in the car.

“I never seen anything like it before. They were dancing and they have bandanas on like a western,” said Grady.

Grady says her boss loaned her the car while her car was in the repair shop.

The suspects took the car from the gas station when a family member went inside to pay for gas.

“He went in the store and he left the keys in the ignition and phone on the seat. He came out and the car was gone,” said Grady.

Turns out that stolen iPhone may lead police to suspects and the car. That’s because the video they made of themselves backed up automatically to an iCloud. Grady says she is relieved to have the video but is upset by what it shows.

“It is just so disrespectful on so many levels.”

MPD says the iPhone captured other photos and videos the men took of themselves.

“I hope that anyone will recognize it, turn it in. But most of all, I hope the guy that took the car, that he would find it in his heart and some compassion to turn the car in, just to turn it in and walk away,” said Grady.