K.Michelle Responds To Uncle Murda Saying Her Box Stinks

K.Michelle Responds To Uncle Murda Saying Her Box Stinks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtwEjKVmnzM#t=315 K. Michelle sits down with Shay Diddy to respond back to Uncle Murda's claims regarding her lady parts stink. This Shay Diddy chick has no clue who Uncle Murda is and she's confusing him...

Haitian Jack Hints Jimmy Henchman Set Up Tupac Shooting

Haitian Jack finally speaks. By now, many rap fans are familiar with the 1994 shooting of iconic rapper Tupac Shakur in New York City’s Quad Studios. The incident is what sparked the now infamous East...
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Uncle Murda Says He Heard K.Michelle Box ‘Stinks’

Uncle Murda recently went on the Breakfast Club to talk about his issues with Suge Knight, his problem with police and hearing rumors from various people that K.Michelle got a stink box!

Gillie Da Kid Exposes Soulja Boy For Lying About Slapping Him

http://youtu.be/nvqKBrVSGys   So Soulja Boy claims he smacked Gillie Da Kid, Gillie Da Kid proves Soulja Boy is lying. My question is, Soulja Boy pulled out of boxing match for money, but he claims he smacked...