Star Goes In On Talib Kweli For Not Voting (@starandbucwild)

This is an interview done with Star previous to the verdict in the Mike Brown/Darren Wilson murder case. What Star said about Talib Kweli funny as hell!

Sauce Money Says He Didn’t See Rocafella Records Lasting

This is a RARE on camera appearance by Sauce Money. Sauce talks about the whole Rocafella break up and how he foreseen it happening eventually.

Tragedy Khadafi: Jay-Z Feared Me And Nas Coming Together And Crushing Rocafella!

he also speaks on: -Going against Death Row the 90's (Suge had everyone else scared) -Fat Joe not wanting to help defend the east coast -Nas not wanting to get on LA LA record (he didn't like...

Shabazz The Disciple: Many Big Name Rappers Made A Covenant With Satan

Shabazz The Disciple stops by Forbez DVD Live to chop it up with Doggie Diamonds.he speaks on his song 'Death By The Penalty', producers Ayatollah and 4th Disciple! Also speaks on why 'big name'...

Doggie Diamonds Interviews Nicki Minaj

This is my early Come Up DVD days. I did several interviews with Nicki Minaj, some of them released, some of them unreleased. I just think it's crazy how much she talked about Fendi...

Doggie Diamonds Infamous Max B Interview

One of my most famous interviews. One of my favorites too!