Corrections officers earn thousands selling contraband in Florida prisons

Dozens of officers have been arrested at facilities statewide, accused of profiting from the sale of contraband in prison and having sexual relationships with inmates.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sex Trafficking Trial Begins Today

Nearly 17 months after her arrest, opening statements are getting underway Monday morning in the case of Ghislaine Maxwell, who is accused of helping Jeffrey Epstein recruit and abuse underage girls. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk...

Chicago mom SHOT DEAD in same spot teen son was killed just days earlier

Chicago mom SHOT DEAD in same spot teen son was killed just days earlier

Sex offender board votes to scrap ‘sex offender’ for new, ‘less negative’ terminology

A plan to help rehabilitate sex offenders is raising some eyebrows. The board responsible for creating the standards of treatment in Colorado for convicted offenders is changing the way they refer to them.

99% Chance You’re Being Spied On Right Now – 8 Ways they USE!

If you have any sort of electric devise on you or near you, we can bet you that there are 99% chances someone if looking at your data as you read this. Watch the...

Fears over “worst ever” Covid variant as UK bans flights from southern Africa

Scientists are warning that a new Coronavirus variant is the “worst” they have seen. The B.1.1.529 variant has mutations which mean it may evade immunity built up by previous Covid infection or vaccination. Cases...

Ahmaud Arbery’s mother: ‘Today is Thanksgiving and I’m really thankful’

Wanda Cooper-Jones spoke to "Good Morning America" a day after a Georgia jury found three men guilty of murdering her 25-year-old son.

Kyle Rittenhouse responds to media coverage of trial

Kyle describes to Tucker Carlson the message he believes is being spread by the media

Top 10 Foods That Can Kill You – STAY AWAY

Top 10 foods that can kill you or cause you serious damage to your health

Dozens of looters rush California Nordstrom store

One employee was pepper sprayed, and two others were punched and kicked in the raid, a spokesperson for the Walnut Creek Police Department told NBC News. Dozens of looters descended on a Nordstrom store...