This Female Instagram Fitness Model Is The Real Life Chun-Li The real life Chun-li Natasha E. Watch as Natascha Encinosa works five days a week to get those 26 inch thighs while maintaining her feminine looks.

Jay Z Really Does Do Business With A DEA Informant!

Desiree Perez parties with Beyonce. Perez, who was caught with 35 kilos of cocaine and spent time in jail, now rubs shoulders with some of the biggest celebs in the world. Court records obtained by...

Kyrie Irving Responds To ‘No Black Girls Allowed’ Yacht Party Criticism Kyrie Irving Responds To 'No Black Girls Allowed' Yacht Party Criticism

Damion (World) Hardy Gets Life Prison Sentence For 6 Murders

Damion (World) Hardy, a larger-than-life drug dealer from Brooklyn whose alter ego dated rapper Lil' Kim and entertained a fantasy of being a hip-hop music impresario, was sentenced Monday to life in prison for...

10 Things Only A Small Percentage Of People Are Born With 10 Things Only A Small Percentage Of People Are Born With
young dolph

Young Dolph Reportedly Shot And Killed In Memphis

Young Dolph has been shot in Memphis. Eyewitnesses caught footage of police on the seen of shooting as bystanders shout "Ain't no way these folks just killed Dolph." Another eyewitness shared: "I told yall that's...

Damion World Hardy Convicted For 6 Murders

A Brooklyn jury convicted murderous drug kingpin Damion (World) Hardy of all counts Wednesday, guaranteeing the ex-boyfriend of rapper Lil’ Kim will spend the rest of his life in prison. Hardy was found guilty of...

Substitute Teacher Whips Off Belt And Spanks Student For Fighting I'm sorry, but I don't see anything wrong with this. Some of those children need a good spanking!

Nurse Taped Newborn Baby’s Mouth Shut To Stop Him From Crying

A crying newborn was muzzled with a strip of tape by nurses at a Philippines maternity ward, an outraged father claims. New dad Ryan Noval posted pictures to Facebook showing his son, Yohannes Noval,...

Tariq Nasheed Going On Black Women Tommy Sotomayor Style i'm confused. is tariq nasheed against white supremacy or not?