Fred The Godson (Remembered In Perfection) Check out this video sponsor for some dope merch! Fred The Godson (Remembered In Perfection), join me as i celebrate the life of late great rapper Fred The Godson

Don’t Fall For the Banana In The Tailpipe! (Agents Hijacked The Protests) People out there really hurt and want justice. But now I feel like the movement has been hijacked by agants.

What Is Your Idea Of Justice? (Call In And Let Us Know!) People yell for justice, but what exactly is justice to you?

Bill Gates Said What About The ‘Blacks?’ Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates care about the 'blacks' so much smh.

We Can’t Keep Ignoring Our Own Ignorance (We Got To Take Action!) We all the madness going on in the hoods every day. When are some of these big named 'celebrities' going to speak out and try to put an end to the recklessness of our...

Loaded Lux Vs Tsu Surf Was Eh, But Daylyt Vs Tay Roc Was A... Loaded Lux Vs Tsu Surf was supposed to be the battle of the night at NOME X, but Daylyt and Tay Roc stole the show with this one. Callers let me know what you...

Nick Cannon Fired From Viacom/CBS! Diddy Offers Him A Revolt TV Deal, Should Nick... Not afraid to speak out on his behalf. Sean Diddy Combs showed his support for Nick Cannon after Viacom/CBS terminated its relationship with the actor. Should Nick Cannon take his talents to Revolt TV?

Nick Cannon Apologizes (Did He Fold Under Pressure?) Nick Cannon apologizes for his statements he made on his Cannon Class. Do you think Nick Cannon folded or what it a smart business move?

Can Ghostface Defeat Nas In A Verzuz Battle? Ghostface Verzuz Nas? We're not talking about who's better lyrically. We're talking about song for song in a Verzuz format, can Ghostface beat Nas? Let's talk about it!

Positive Vibes Only Tonight! Just want to spread some positive vibes and some positivity tonight.