Black Film historian CHARLES WOODS looks at how Hollywood uses the power of cinema to reinforce the dominant culture’s agenda in this mini-lecture. The Professor references both films that depicted rebellion (TAMANGO, MANDINGO, DRUM) that were suppressed and critiques the compromises that have been made when telling the stories of Black Heroes of film (MALCOLM X, SELMA, LEE DANIEL’S THE BUTLER, INVICTUS, 42/JACKIE ROBINSON STORY). Lastly, Woods looks at how films starring SIDNEY POITER were used to champion love for one’s oppressor, which stood in stark contrast to the messages conveyed in American Western films that promoted genocide and retaliation against Native Americans and Mexicans. A Reelblack exclusive. Camera and Edit: Mike D. Clip research: Charles Woods.

Charles Woods – Hollywood’s Tricknology: Mandingo To Malcolm X