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Open letter to Kanye West!!! If anyone is around Kanye West please make sure that he sees this message. Kanye West knows who I am. I worked with him at Roc-A-Fella for years. I’ve been in his home in NJ with his mom and my homegirl Liris Crosse. We both lived in 12 E. We both had our jaws wired at the same time. We even battled each other in Quad Studios during our Roc days. I won that battle by the way. So in other words we have history. This message comes from the heart and if I had his number I would just call him. Anybody that’s from the streets and had a friend that was wild and hyper that went to jail we saw them get drugged up and come home slow like Kanye West is now. I saw Ol Dirty Bastard come home the last time the same way and all he talked about was how they were trying to kill him and he end up dying. Kanye please stop taking the drugs. You don’t need them for you to calm down. Please brother I beg of you to get back in your right state of mind. It’s hurting me to see you like this. Trust me that the world that loves you see the change in you. It’s those who are trying to control you that are ignoring the change. Those people around you don’t love you or they wouldn’t let them drug you up. All the things you said never warranted you to be on drugs. Not even “George Bush doesn’t like Black people!” You talk the truth about Jay Z and Beyonce and now you’re a zombie. Wake up Brother!!!!
Fuck that oath!!! @kimkardashian what are you allowing them to do to your husband? Are you in on this? Get ya man back and stop feeding him that poison. Word is Bond