From Choke No Joke’s Instagram:

@realchokenojoke: I’m very tired but I had to address this @troyave and the @thebreakfastclubpower105 interview with @djenvy and @angelayee on Troy Ave testifying in his case, releasing the song 2 Legit 2 Quit and people saying he snitching.
First of all snitching for one only applies to street rules. The word snitch was created by a person who didn’t want to get arrested for a crime they committed and would allow someone to take the charge for their crime no matter how much time they would face. To make the person feel guilty about telling the truth they labeled them a Snitch, Tattle Teller or Rat as reverse psychology to insure that the truth wouldn’t be told. Now in the Streets this is a rule in criminal activity for growth and is a accepted in that world. Outside of the Street that rule doesn’t apply. Troy Ave is a business man and he didn’t walk in the place with these people and plan to do something with them and someone got killed and he’s telling to save himself. That’s not the case. Troy Ave friend got killed and they are saying he killed him. Him testifying saying that he didn’t kill his friend is not snitching. He can keep it real with himself and testify and be here with his son and family or he can keep it real with you dumb niggaz and don’t testify and risk blowing trial to Murder of his own Homey. It’s video of the incident and someone already confessed to ownership of the gun so how is he’s snitching?
Think about it this way. If you get out of the street life and go legit and someone you never met in your life try to kill you and kills your friend and they say you did it and the only way you can secure a win in court is by telling the truth what would you do? When the entire world will see a video of the incident showing exactly happened and you don’t testify at the risk of being called a Snitch when you know that you aren’t who’s going to look stupid in the end? Y’all sure got on Lil Kim for keeping it real because y’all felt she didn’t have to go to jail for nothing.
Troy Ave I wouldn’t care what you do I’m always going to rock with you. Live your life! 💪🏾 #troyave #chokenojoke