A Christian pastor in southern Indiana is charged with child sexual abuse in Kentucky for molesting a minor child multiple times over a three-year period in his car, at his home and inside the church itself where he preached against sodomy, sin and those damned gays.

A grand jury in Lewis County, Kentucky, recently indicted 63-year-old Duncan D. Aker Jr., pictured, a Christian, on five counts of sexual abuse and four sodomy charges involving a victim under 12 years of age.

Akers was the pastor at the Vanceburg Christian Church in Kentucky at the time of the alleged abuse, according to a Kentucky State Police spokesman. He is of course married, and his wife of course has no comment.

The indictment states that Aker engaged in sexual intercourse and sexual contact through forcible compulsion with a male under the age of 12 between October 2007 and March 2010. Some of the offenses were committed in the church where he was minister, according to the indictment.

As can be predicted in these cases, neighbors and church members expressed shock, disbelief and anger at the news. Many say 63-year-old Duncan Aker was more than a minister and loved kids. Someone will eventually be quoted as saying this is just one exception and every other man of God is OK, so wait for that.

And never, ever, let your kids alone with a man of God. Jesus is always watching, but He doesn’t ever seem to say anything.