Being known as the “Protégé of the Game” would be a hard label for any artist to live up to. But for Former Black Wall Street recording artist and North Philadelphia’s own Cyssero, it’s a label that he has not only lived up to. It’s a label that he plans to transcend.

Known throughout Philadelphia for his hard hitting rap style and as a fearsome battle MC. Cyssero’s journey with hip-hop started when he was a youngster attending William Penn High School where he began to write his first rhymes and lay down his fist recorded tracks. But, what made Cyssero a street legend was his ability as a freestyle and battle MC. Cyssero went head to head with many of Philadelphia’s best MC’s and always came out on top. It was these talents that caught the eye of Black Wall Street C.E.O. The Game. The Game was on a tour stop in Philadelphia. Cyssero made his way backstage and spit for two hours long,and that was so impressive that The Game made him apart of his entering and made it official by taking Cyssero on the road for the remainder of the tour and giving him a Black Wall Street chain that very same night.

With numerous appearances on various major mixtapes as well as appearing on 4 retail albums selling over 1 million units, Cyssero has proven that he can not only spit a hot 16 bar verse on a mixtape track, but that he can also create a classic record. .

Cyssero is a breath of fresh air in a world of hip-hop that has become stale with the over saturation of synth laden, suburbia friendly, dance records. Describing his style would be like trying to describe how we breathe, in other words he’s unique. He has charisma, versatility, and deliverance, Cyssero is an all around MC not just focused on one aspect of being an artist.

With the release of his own clothing line in 2007 “Corner Boy”, Cyssero shows that he is not only about making great music but that he is also a business man as well. With these traits and a combination of charisma, versatility, and a hunger to succeed that is unmatched. Cyssero has the talent and the drive to be relevant and successful for many years to come in the hip-hop industry.