The Lady of Rage reigned as the Queen of Death Row Records in the late ‘90s. As she rocked rough and stuff with her afro puffs, her feminine presence was celebrated in the industry. But after releasing one studio album, she struggled to reclaim her spot at the top of the charts, which made her wonder if she was the victim of a chauvinistic industry. #LadyOfRage #TheLadyofRage #DeathRowRecords Rage reached out and we would like to correct a few inaccuracies in our video: – The label was not named Death Row when she got there. – Snoop’s album changing the rap game not being good for Rage is RRG’s opinion. – Everyone at the label didn’t want the Dogg Pound’s album to be next – She and Tupac didn’t immediately bump heads – Dre didn’t take the concept of Eargasm with him. She just refused to do it without him. – Nmatez never released their mixtape Stay of Execution