Omar Akil is an award-winning director, and television producer with two short films screened in festival, and production credits that span more than a decade across several major networks including NBC, ESPN, BET and MTV. Omar also co-produced and co-wrote the critically acclaimed television documentary Black Wheels, with legendary filmmaker/actor Tim Reid, in 2005. His short film, The Defendant Rests, won the 2004 H20 Film Festival’s Best Narrative Short Award, and in 2006 Omar wrote, produced and directed the 2006 short Uncle Pop, starring Andre Royo (Empire, The Wire).

Omar has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign in late October for a documentary about hip hop’s legendary Native Tongues and he needs your help. You, yes you, can play a major role in the creation of a film that has been over 8 years in the making and holds a lifetime’s worth of hip hop history.

The project, titled Speaking In Tongues: The Legend of the Native Tongue Posse, is the complete story of one of the most important collectives in the history of modern music. The collective, known as The Native Tongue Posse, featured a roster of groundbreaking trendsetters who changed the landscape of music without compromising themselves or their art. The story is told by Native Tongue’s orginal members: The Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Queen Latifah, Monie Love, Black Sheep, Chi-Ali, and many more.

The project initially gained heavy traction in the press and now it’s your turn to help keep that momentum going by clicking the Kickstarter link.

The clock is ticking!


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