DJ Envy Vs. John Legend (Get Into it Over Envy’s Views On Stop and Frisk)

DJ Envy reacted to the presidential debates during a taping of The Breakfast Club on Tuesday (September 27), offering his support for candidate Trump’s stance to reinstate “stop-and-frisk.”

After the radio host’s controversial opinion was made known, Twitter users were quick to offer a storm of backlash and criticism, especially given the police tactic’s history of unfairly targeting the Black community.

John Legend was a guest on the popular morning show earlier today (September 29) and used the opportunity to shed some light on why stop-and-frisk is unconstitutional, bringing up the topic once more. As a result of the conversation that ensued, the musician’s wise words ended up resonating deeply with DJ Envy, who later fully recounted his support for the police method.

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