DJ Scratch Airs Out EPMD For Stealing Money And Not Paying Him

In an exclusive conversation with HipHopDX, the freshly minted Grandmaster Scratch went into further detail about his very insightful #2016WrapUp Instagram post (read it below) and the true reason for creating it.

“There was so much more than just the EPMD stuff,” Scratch explained to DX. “But the reason I said what I said is to keep my reputation strong with promoters who constantly hit my phone upset that I wasn’t at various EPMD shows. So this way, no one will be confused as to what my standing with the group is because there isn’t one.”

As for any potential back-and-forth saga with this particular deal, Scratch is confident that neither Erick or Parrish will offer any rebuttals to his Instagram post, because of that old age saying, “the truth will set you free.”