Pic shows: Medical students nearly sliced off the new born baby’s penis instead of the umbilical cord.

A newborn baby boy had part of his penis cut off by bungling medical students who mistook it for the umbilical cord.

The tot’s injury was hushed up by doctors as they attempted to keep it a secret from his parents.

However, the boy’s dad, Diego Rangel Izaguirre, started to grow suspicious after he was denied access to the child for more than two hours after he was born.

Staff at the hospital in Saltillo, Mexico, told the father that the boy had had a “minor accident” – but he soon discovered the truth.

Fortunately the organ was successfully sewn back together – but the baby suffered three more cuts during surgery – some as much as two centimeters deep.

Dad Diego fumed: ”When my child was born and they cut his umbilical cord they injured his penis.

“And unfortunately when the surgeon started sewing it, he made other two new injuries, almost two centimetres deep.”

Mum Zulem Contreras said that the boy should have been left in the care of professionals.

She said: “This shouldn’t have happened, they should have assigned a gynaecologist to take care of him, not students.”

The couple have now made an official complaint to the hospital but officials insist the baby is healthy and that the operation was both minor and consented to by the parents.

A hospital spokesman said: “The Regional Delegation rejects the versions spread by media according to which the genitals of a newborn “were cut” in the General Hospital no. 1.

“During the cut of the umbilical cord the skin of the prepuce was accidentally injured and repaired through the usual circumcision process that was consented by the parents.“

The hospital has launched an internal investigation.