Doggie Diamonds New Album Fundraiser

What’s up everyone! I go by the name of Doggie Diamonds, You might know me from doing many interviews on DVD and some of your favorite websites. Many of you DON’T know that I’m also a music producer (since 1993). I have many beats just laying around collecting dust. Real boom bap, head nodding golden era sounding beats. So one day i just decided to compile them and put them out as a project. The project is called ‘I Hate Rappers’ because it’s an all instrumental album with no one rapping on it. I need some assistance with the marketing and promotion of this album, so I come to you for help! I’ve already got the wheels in motion and paid for many things out of pocket already (banners, business cards, studio time, mastering). Any financial help you can give will be greatly appreciated so I can put this project out correctly.

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