Caught up with Doggie Diamonds at Starting 5 Team Homi Vs Writers Bloque event!!!

In this segment with Doggie Diamonds, Doggie talks about being around from the beginning of battle rap and how it evolved to today’s style of battle rap. Doggie Diamonds talks about how battle rap has grown but the negativity surrounding some events with fighting only brings bad attention to the culture.

Doggie Diamonds talks about his new Channel and website… & and why he created it.

Doggie Diamonds reflects on how the street aspect influences battle rap and hip hop. The Street aspect is important because the street is a connection between the struggle and trying to get out the street Doggie Diamonds says. Now dudes are going backwards, once they made it they want to act like there in the streets. Doggie Diamonds says I can’t wait to get out the streets. We work hard to get out the streets.

Doggie Diamonds speaks about independent movements, from media, to web series like Money & Violence Doggie Diamonds thinks people should stop wave riding and copying others instead of creating something for themselves.

Doggie Diamonds Speaks about all this and more!!!