Drake Speakes On What Happened to the ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ Remix

Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever” remix and video really is never coming out. Last night, Drizzy was in NYC for his art exhibition collaboration with Sotheby’s when he sat down with Vulture for a quick interview. During the conversation, the topic of the highly-anticipated remix came up, and Drake pretty much said that it never worked out because everyone couldn’t get their schedules in order to complete it. He also gave some advice to other artists, and said that you should always try and finish your music videos.

Previously, various members of Wu-Tang also said that the remix didn’t get done because not everyone could get their verses turned in on time. Drake and A$AP Rocky shot parts of the video for the remix in Harlem last year, but that will also stay in the vault.

Oh, man, that’s kind of behind us. That was two projects ago. There was a remix that 40 [Noah Shebib] was working on. He has a really personal relationship with a lot of those guys from Wu-Tang, and me and Rocky were working on a video at one point in Harlem, and it was cool, but with schedules and all that, different things came into play and we never really got to finish, which is not something I recommend. You should always try and finish your music video.