This Is What Happens Inside Your Body When You Eat Pork

Pork is forbidden to be consumed by some religions. Pigs eat almost everything including feces, urine, and spoiled foods. The toxins consumed by the pig can’t be eliminated and remain in the organs and fat cells of the animal.

A dangerous microorganism called Yersinia enterocolitica can be found in the body of pigs. This microorganism causes fever, vomiting, sickness, diarrhea, and cramps. Also, Ractopamine contaminant was found in the body of pigs by scientists, and it’s said that the contaminant causes death when it’s consumed.

Taenia solium lives in the intestines of pigs and it causes loss of appetite and tissues contamination. Trichinella is a parasitic roundworm that causes malaise, edema, fever and myalgia. Menangle infection causes sweating, migraine, chills. Viral irritation Hepatitis E causes nausea and weariness.

To avoid the aforementioned problems, pork needs to be cooked at high temperatures to destroy intestinal parasites that cause diseases. Raw pork should not be put together ingredients that can be eaten raw. Wash hands after touching raw pork and when buying pork meat, ensure that it has no medication, ractopamine, chemicals and anti-toxins in it.

Pigs feed with many substandard foods. Even when pork is cooked properly, a lot of doubts exist about this meat. More diseases can be ingested as one consumes more pork. Most of the pigs used for meat production are found in factory farms.

The pigs don’t have access to clean air, sufficient sunlight and clean pastures. They are given medications and anti-infection agents as their food instead of green grass. These agents make the pig grow and age faster increasing their market value.

These pigs are also surrounded by their vomit, feces and urine in the confined space where they live. This environment forces the pigs to breathe in lethal gas and get mange. The presence of ammonia in their feces and urine causes pneumonia in the pigs before they are slaughtered.

The above mentioned things about consumption of pork are just a few of the issues we can expect. For your own safety, next time you are buying pork, do some research about its origin.