During his TSU address, Minister Farrakhan commented on the upcoming presidential election and the appeal for votes by Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, who backed a 1990s Crime Bill which devastated Black communities.

Blacks are enamored with the Clintons but the Crime Bill was no mistake, he said. The over-incarceration of Blacks that followed was intentional not accidental, said the National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. Some Congressional Black Caucus members voted for the Crime Bill because they were enthralled with former president Bill Clinton, he said.

Ms. Clinton is a warrior who helped destroy Libya and unleash havoc in Africa, the Minister said. She is more hawkish than Republican Donald Trump so vote with your eyes open, Min. Farrakhan advised.

“BUSIness Is Warfare” – April, 16, 2016
Tennessee State University | Nashville, TN.