CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment, beast MC, international superstar and leader in the hip-hop world, Fat Joe, joins us on Sway in the Morning.

Coincidentally, today also marks the 17th year since Pun’s death – and Joe had a lot to say about it. As we celebrate his life, Joe recalls the exciting first day he met Pun in a bodega in New York, and the last moments spent with Pun before he passed.

In fact, he goes on to talk about Pun’s genius ways – and how he would fall asleep in the studio, then wake-up and write a hit in just a few minutes.

While in-studio, Fat Joe mentioned his good friends, DJ Premier and Noreaga — so we lined up a couple surprise phone calls from these Hip-Hop heavy hitters. During their call-ins on Sway in the Morning, they also share the stories behind first meeting Pun. The common denominator in all of these stories? Pun was an undeniable Hip-Hop genius.

It seems as though a heavy load of our culture is passing on the GRAMMYs this year – but Fat Joe isn’t one of them. In fact, him and Remy Ma are both nominated for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for their hit, “All the Way Up,” and Joe wants to be present when he wins. (*crosses fingers*) And speaking of Remy, Joe shares the recent moment when his heart-dropped when hearing she was putting up $20k to battle rap amateurs — what if she lost? She would be the laughing stock of the hip-hop world! Fortunately, Remy didn’t allow that to happen, and still won that battle.

Watch below for more on our recent interview with Fat Joe, his relationship with Jay Z and Roc Nation, collaborating with Big Pun’s son, Chris Rivers, and his upcoming February 17 album, “Plata o Plomo.”