There’s a long history of parents behaving badly where youth sports are concerned, but most times it tends to involve their children’s in-game performance.

In a recent incident in Mississippi, however, the act of violence from one parent was the result of a disagreement over how her child would be transported home from one of the team’s games.

Hamilton girls basketball head coach Sue Verner was attacked by a parent simply because Verner was enforcing a rule that players must ride the bus back to the school following away games, according to a report from WCBI.

Verner was “knocked out cold” according to the information WCBI received and she was transported to the hospital.

According to Brandon Speck of the Daily Journal, Verner was released from the hospital Thursday evening with a fracture under her left eye and a gash above the other.

UPDATE, 11:10pm – Amory police chief Ronnie Bowen tells WCBI that the assailant, Heather Thompson, turned herself into police Thursday night and was charged with simple assault on a school official, which is a felony.

Catching a felony charge just because your kid can’t ride home with you would seem to be an extremely poor decision, but as always, things could have been a whole lot worse.