Fetty Wap had an amazing response to reports he had been robbed at a club last night.

This morning, MediaTakeOut reported that Fetty Wap had been jumped and robbed at Stadium nightclub in DC, suggesting Fetty had his chain taken and some of his dreads ripped out (as you likely know, they’re not real).

It didn’t take long for the rapper, who currently has FOUR singles on the Hot 100, to respond, calling MTO out for what he claimed were false reports.

“I just heard that somebody pulled my fucking hair out and I got robbed,” he said in a video posted to Instagram, pointing towards his untouched dreads and a pile of racks by his side. “Bitch, where? Let me know. Let me know. Tell me. Please.”

Fetty Wap Responds To Reports That He Was Robbed In DC