Geraldo Rivera Predicts Michael Slager Will Beat Murder Charge

On Friday’s Fox & Friends, Geraldo Rivera said that the cop (Michael Slager) accused of shooting Walter Scott in the back after pulling him over for a broken tail light should not be charged with murder.

Instead, according to Geraldo, South Carolina police officer Michael Slager “has done everything professional” and had his career ruined by a man who got “his blood boiling” causing him to shoot.

“You don’t see, but there is reliable, I think,  eyewitness account that there is then a struggle after the Taser. So, up until that point, the cop with his adrenaline pumping, now he’s been in a physical tussle, and now the perpetrator has reached for the Taser allegedly. Now it gives you the context of his blood boiling, ” Geraldo explained. ” [Slager] has done everything professional and now he’s had this, this civilian has dared to physically have this altercation with the officer. Put that in the officer’s head now. I think it saves him from the murder rap.”