Ira Saxena began the sneezing bouts three weeks ago and is now lets out around 10 involuntary “atchoos” per minute.

A desperate mum is pleading for help for her nine year old daughter who has started sneezing 8,000 times a day

Doctors are baffled by the mystery condition ruling out the most common causes of sneezing such cold or allergies.

The only time Ira Saxena stops is when she is asleep but the fits restart the moment she wakes up meaning she has been unable to go to school since the sneezing started Mum Priya has taken the youngster to a GP, specialist and a private clinic, but so far no-one has been able to diagnose the problem or stop it.

She said: “Three weeks ago she just woke up sneezing and she has not stopped. It started slowly and has progressed to become more constant and violent.

“The doctors are saying it is possibly an incorrect signal being sent from her brain or a tic, but nobody can be sure.